I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

That I haven’t posted photos yet from last weekend or even elaborated much besides “I bought a coat and then last weekend was cool.”

So Seattle has conventions, you know, like big cities do, right. Last weekend was the Emerald City Comic Con. Sarah and Daniel suggested that we go, because they’ve read a couple of the webcomic authors who will be there. (I have since too, and I like them too)

So it’ll be like nerdfest, right? (I mean, I say this in a self-mocking way, not like “I’m going to go hang out with all the nerrrrddss”… even going to a comic con makes you lose all rights to make fun of people for nerding. Besides, who am I trying to kid? Thank god there are no pictures online of when I went to see the Matrix Reloaded dressed as Agent Smith. On second thought, that was hella fun, and I don’t care what you say.) Now, when you’re going to a nerdfest, you can act all hip and above-it-all and like “oh, I’m just cultural slumming” (or “I’m going LARPing to write a story about it”), or you can geek the hell out. And Sarah and I, we go big or go home.

Now what’s nerdy that we like? Hint: it’s British, the villains have plungers for arms, and the spaceship is a police box.

Yes, we were Doctor Who and Rose Tyler. Sadly, Jared has most of the good pictures. In the meantime, here’s this:

EDIT: hi-res here. you know, because you’ll probably want a poster of this for your wall.

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