<3 weekends

Hey, hey, last weekend I totally did the coolest thing. My friend Nick, his friend Kevin who is a cool guy, and I went on an all-night bike scavenger hunt around Seattle. We did about 40 miles of biking up and down Seattle hills. Down a big twisty dark hill into Carkeek Park, maneuvering through downtown streets to find Dank Bags stickers, searching searching searching in vain for Olympia Beer (hey Nick, I saw a can on the ground today. Where did they get it?!), totally loving free donuts and coffee at 3AM, and above all, seeing a city in a way different light (or lack thereof). This thing seriously kicked face. Coming home (at 5 AM, after watching it get light really early) and falling asleep felt so good.

No, wait, I mean this weekend we did the coolest thing. It involved Miracle Fruit. Citrus was great, vinegar was great, plain yogurt was great, I mean, everything that people say is pretty much true. Plus, I really like hosting parties! Note to self: do this more.

Also, in between all this I’ve gotten to start doing some web programming a bit! I’ll send you a link when I have something presentable.

And cooking Japanese. To the extent that I can learn from a book.

BUT, more importantly, Greg and Missy are now here for good; I just found out that their friends who are cool*, Liz and Laser, are here too; Ram was here for a while but now is not but will be again soon. Rob will be here this weekend, as will Henry and Killian. I am really happy that these people I like have found this city a pretty ideal place to live in or visit, as I have, because it means I get to see them now.

*I’ve used this phrase twice in this email. What I want to say is, I’d call them friends, but we haven’t ever like actually hung out much, but I wish we did. People that I respect, although I do not know them very well.


Cheryl -

soo cool. :)

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