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More stuff about that essay about fixing motorcycles instead of investment banking. And more. My new take on this? It’s not about whether you’re fixing motorcycles or proving theorems or buying stocks; it’s about ownership. If you were fixing motorcycles, but you could only fix the lug nuts on the front wheel, you would probably feel just as dissatisfied. People aren’t robots, etc, etc.

Unrelatedly, I found myself wanting to scream at the top of my lungs today, and realized I couldn’t. Even if I wanted to. There is no place I could go that would be far enough away from other people that I’d be sure that I wasn’t frightening other people or making them think I was hurt or something. Isn’t that weird?

Finally, maybe I’ll start twittering my albums. The iTunes-sort-by-date-added is not necessarily going to be a good long term solution, but if I twit a little bit about each one, I’ll remember when I first heard them and how I liked them. Plus, instant recommendations for you. It’s one good use of Twitter, I guess, and then I could finally justify having an account.


Cheryl -

the weird thing is i’ve totally thought about the screaming issue before. i’ve had sudden urges to scream in the past.. just because.. and realized i couldn’t. not a big deal, just weird.

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