Real values of things

A dozen eggs costs $6-$8. If you’re paying less, it’s because the chickens were stuffed in battery cages. Note: it’s pretty hard to get cruelty-free (/disgustingness-free) eggs at a grocery store.

A pint (not a pound) of strawberries costs $4. The big red pretty-but-tasteless ones are cheaper because they come from fields where the guys who spray them wear haz-mat suits.

Milk costs maybe $5 for a half gallon? (don’t have farmer’s market prices on hand, but the point is, it’s more expensive than $3 per gallon) There’s of course antibiotics and grain feeding and so on to blame, but also industrial agriculture shadiness?

Finally, and perhaps most frustratingly, food from small producers costs more because the law is skewed towards big producers. (scroll down to the “workman’s compensation” if you’re in a hurry)

Ooh, I’m going to get an argument on this one…

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