Way to go, this guy.

Guy wins Sufjan song, holds listening parties of strangers to listen to it. It’s just one song! And yet, now it has some real value. I found myself thinking, I would like to go to this guy’s house and listen to this song. It’s so true- offer it as a free download and it could get lost among the internet. In fact, upload it to anywhere, once, and it’ll instantly be everywhere.

He’s created something unique out of just one song. It reminds me of Atlas Obscura (down for maintenance now I guess): cataloguing those really singular places/times/things in the world of everything being everywhere. Or Josza Corner, a Pittsburgh Hungarian “restaurant” that doesn’t even have a website and is kinda just a guy’s house. Or this site. Why is it that, even though we have so much these days, none of it seems to mean anything? The only way you can make something that does mean something is by going smaller. I mean, I doubt that “The Lonely Man of Winter” is any better than, say, “Chicago”, (or “John Wayne Gacy, Jr.” Oh my goddddd!) but having heard the latter 23870784 times, it doesn’t mean much to me now.

As someone in the article said, at least approximately, “I can’t believe that I’m hearing a song that I will never hear again.”

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