Also, I can't sleep.

All those times I sincerely thought I was joking…

Google Chrome OS.



Pete -

Dude. Game time. I’m so excited to see how this war plays out.

Dan -

I know, right? Should be fun. At the same time, I have kind of mixed feelings about this. Shouldn’t we be solving problems that aren’t already like 70% solved? (I mean by Ubuntu. :P)

But then, I didn’t think we needed another browser, but Chrome is really fast.

(as a funny aside, I don’t think we need another search engine. lol.)

Pete -


i dunno yo. i’m actually a fan of the computing trend to go back and solve existing problems well and simply. i feel like it reduces complexity, at least when done right, wheras most innovation increases complexity.

Dan -

Yeah, but say I wanted to go create a new search engine or operating system. The complexity involved in that just blows my mind.

I guess they’ll get simpler to use. But I feel like nothing gets simpler under the hood, which is frustrating. It’s such a vague concept, “simplicity”, that I like, but that I never know whether I’m increasing or decreasing it.

Pete -

hm troof…esepcially with something as crazy as an os.

but i feel like with software simplicity can be pretty clear sometimes, especially if you’re making a stand-alone library or something. or at least i’ve definetly seen packages that are simple and others that aren’t. maybe its tough to quantify…

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