Je comprend un peu le francais

So, speaking of Al Gore and the Frenchpeople, I’m learning French now. Daniel and I debated at great length about whether to learn French, Russian, Arabic, or Japanese. We played the voting game and came out with a 4-way tie. In the end, they’re all super-useful for getting around the world (maybe Japanese the least so, but Japan is cool); they’re all very cool languages (maybe French the least so, whatever); and they’re all apparently very difficult (except French).

The bit about difficulty tipped the scales. If it’s pretty easy, it’ll give us some momentum, and we’ll be all like “hey this is fun let’s do another one.”

Oh yeah, how are we doing it? Audio tapes. (well, mp3’s, really.) At some point I’ll have to get some reading/writing/speaking-with-other-people in, or my spelling will be tres mal. But it’s a start, anyway, I’ll let you know how it goes.

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