Vive le Suisse?

Hey. Apparently I’m going to the Olympics. This is pretty fantastic. I live in Seattle, which is pretty close to Vancouver, but when my dad suggested “hey why don’t you go to the olympics?” I said “nah it will be a huge crowded mess” because I am such an oldman! Given the choice, I tend to go home. Catie, however goes big. In this case she is of course right, because it’s the Olympics.

But you can’t go to the Olympics and not see any Olympics! So we have tickets to a thing. Specifically, hockey. More specifically, qualifying rounds women’s hockey. Even more specifically, Sweden vs. Switzerland.

I’ve never seen a women’s hockey game! In fact, it’s been forever since I’ve seen any hockey games. I think it involves some face-offs, and maybe icing, and occasionally a penalty box. (do female hockeyers fight? I remember being mildly traumatized as a child when two hockeyers just ripped off their gloves and started punching each other.)

And Sweden vs. Switzerland? I’ve never been to the former, and I’ve had one mediocre experience in the latter. They’re both supposed to be wonderful though. And I really digged my time in Austria and Germany, and they’re pretty close, right, so I’m thinking Switzerland it is. I must learn some French hockey cheers. Like “I hope you score a goal” or “good face-off!” or “it was pretty lucky you did not get called for icing there.”

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