So, do you ... design stuff?

Or draw stuff? Or something? Gary and I have this app that is quite functional and needs like 4 screens' worth of design. It tells you whether you’re at a party or not. Very simple. But I realized, after trying to do it, that I am no good at making apps look all professional-like. Let me know if you’re interested.

In other news (actually the same news): Startup Weekend was really great. You know that whole concept of “flow”? You get it when you do things that you’re good at, and are really engrossed in. I haven’t had a big hit of it for a while, but I sure did this weekend, and that was really nice.

A lot of people made cool things! I’m impressed at these big teams that can get something done in a weekend.

At the same time, I’m sick of trendy software. If I hear the words “social media”, “twitter”, “facebook”, or “foursquare” again I will punch something.

Social software is bacon. It tastes good at first. It tastes good at second, too. But these days, everyone has figured, well, it tastes great, let’s get more of it! I don’t have enough (bacon/social software)! Furthermore, I’m making a new (food/software); why don’t I make it hip and modern by adding (bacon/facebook). We can have (bacon/social software)-fests! We’ll joke about how everything is better with (bacon/twitter).

Well, who knows. Maybe it’s great. And who am I to talk: I just spent a weekend making a dumb phone app.

Which brings us full circle! If you can make said phone app look sweet, let me know.

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