Wait for it...

“Is it a Party?” is coming out soon! So very soon! Sooner on your Android device than on your iphone because Android developers don’t have to wait for Apple to approve anything!

In the meantime, working on this app has reminded me of college. Assignments that really take more time than I have, but they’re pretty fun because they’re all toy problems, so sometimes I don’t mind staying up late to work on them. Because I keep getting that little jolt of “you changed something else and now it works!” which keeps me awake wayyy past the point of optimal brain functioning.

It makes me a little loopy and irresponsible! My apartment is a wreck; there are dirty dishes in the sink. I NEVER leave dirty dishes in the sink. But the app has to get done by tomorrow, because I’m leaving for the weekend… some things are just more important. And it’s so exciting: discovering mobile apps is like discovering paint for the first time.

So, give me a couple weeks to recover. Then… anyone want to make another mobile app?

In other news, I got a cavity filled yesterday, without novocaine. It was really not so bad. And I’m going to talk up how it’s not so bad because I guess people hate going to the dentist a lot or something, but I think it’s all just a feedback loop. Do you have a dentist appointment coming up? It is not so bad!

Also, drills in your teeth: what an interesting feeling! I decided I was going to frame it as such, and not as “pain” or whatever, and I think it helped. It was a little painful, but mostly it was just a brand new sensation, and kind of like food and countries, I like new things. Plus, when I thought of it like that, it was like I was taking control of the situation, and that made it easier, I think.

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