When I finish this post I am going to hit "Enter" with such a flourish...

Have I mentioned “What Japan Thinks”? It’s one of the oddest blogs I read, in that it doesn’t really fit into “webcomics”, “enlightenment”, “travel”, or “friends' blogs”. I don’t really think you can get a sense of “what a whole country thinks” by reading surveys, but I think you could do worse. Still, it’s not super entertaining; I’m considering no longer reading it. But then a post like this comes along and it’s great: what girls do to appear cute and what guys do to appear cool.

I mean, I know I always fall for girls who say “upsadaisy” quietly when they lift things. (Only quietly, mind you.) That’s why I hope to attract them by leaving a toothpick hanging out of my mouth and staring into the distance.

(waves finger) Indeed!

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