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All you iphoners: you can get it now! I strongly suggest that you do! I suppose I am biased.

In other news, I tracked my happiness again. And found… nothing. All the scatterplots are all over the map. Well, so it goes. Guess there’s more to “happiness” than one number. (of course, right?)


Sarah -

Hooray! Congrats on getting your app in the store :)

As for the happiness dealy, I actually did that too and found that the best part of it wasn’t the graphs I got at the end, but the amount of thought that I put into what precisely made me happy. I think I got the most out of that. In any case, it made me realize that this puppy that my boyfriend got and lives in our house is actually pretty cool (though don’t tell him that) and also made me decide to buy a guitar (which I’ve been practicing like I’ve never practiced anything before, except maybe singing). The graphs were pretty to look at, though :) So the dude who does it is the grad student of an awesome professor at Harvard named Dan Gilbert who wrote a book called Stumbling on Happiness. You should read it if you haven’t yet, it’s rull interesting.

Dan -

‘lo Sarah! Yeah I did read that. Pretty neat, eh? The biggest point I took away is that it’s your daily life, not any one-time things, that bring you happiness. It’s one of the reasons I’ve started actively trying to adopt new habits one by one.

The more research done in this field, the better, I’d say.

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