Let's do a music post

because I haven’t in such a long while! I can’t possibly recap everything I’ve been listening to, but I was struck recently by a couple songs that are really extraordinarily cathartically fist-pumpingly good (you know, in that way that I fist pump, like when a song just gets everything right all at once). But I like lists so I expanded that into a few songs that deserve list mentions. Let’s start with that list:

1. Andrew Bird- Fake Palindromes: The rockinger this guy is, the better. There are two key moments in this song: 0:14 and 1:29, right after “… in her eyes for you” when you realize, crashing violin thing again, sounds like something big just happened!

2. Mika- Touches You: This, friends, is a splendid pop song. Three minutes and change, well produced, crispy drums, exuberance, and some falsetto. What splendid falsetto! Perfectly timed! Just when you think you know the last chorus is coming in, at 2:30, it’s a falsetto verse instead. And then there’s a chorus under it, and then when you’re like “this is great, the layered chorus, I just wish the backing track would drop out” it totally does!

3. The Decemberists- The Crane Wife 3: at 3:14 when he was doing the kind of low chorus for a while and you’re all “why don’t you just sing the fuck out in you know a high octave Colin Meloy” and THERE IT IS.

Okay let’s end this list at three, because now I’m reaching. Point is, these are great.

Now let’s do an album roundup.

Eno/Byrne- My Life in the Bush of Ghosts- this is pretty atmospheric. I would gladly listen to it. But it has no words; I cannot remember it so much.

Byrne/Eno- Everything That Happens Will Happen Today- “I Feel My Stuff” sounds like it’s the most fun track here, but then after a few listens you realize that “Strange Overtones” is the one that really sticks with you, and is so good it maybe deserves a place on the list above. Overall it sounds a little folky for me, and maybe hard to listen to a bunch of times.

Headlights- Some Racing, Some Stopping- borderline too twee for me but just borderline, I still like it.

Passion Pit- Manners and Chunk of Change EP- on first listen I knew this would be one of those albums that I remember. Their sound is fuzzy and friendly and rocking and I want to compare them to someone and I don’t want to say Broken Social Scene because they’re just my go-to fuzzy band. Uhh, a less frenetic Los Campesinos!? Anyway, I recommend.

Modeselektor- Hello Mom!- this is the kind of music I want to listen to but I don’t know when. Almost backgroundey enough to be background music, but just a little in-your-face sometimes. I think this is “techno”. I like it.

Throw Me the Statue- Moonbeams- I do not love, but do solidly like this album. Good straightforward Seattle pop. I absolutely would have bought it for my dad for Christmas, but there’s a topless girl on the CD cover! TMTS, are you listening?

Venetian Snares- Detrimentalist- this is a caffeine nightmare. Avoid, unless you’re into that sort of thing.

Daedelus- Denies the Day’s Demise- this… well, his live show is so wonderful, because he is so charming, he has such cool gadgets, he’s really into it, and there are so many sounds coming into your ears at once! It doesn’t translate awesomely into a CD. (still, he puts on a great show.)

Daft Punk- Alive 2007- I wouldn’t say it’s harder, better, faster, or stronger (see what I did there?), but it is certainly more. Good if you’d like to listen to Daft Punk one more time. (see what I did there again?)

Fiery Furnaces- I’m Going Away- speaking of more, this band is only capable of making more. If you also like more of them, or also dig their autistic stage presence and lyrics, or also have a weird crush on Eleanor Friedberger, this is a record for you. Also, do let me know I’m not the only one.

YACHT- See Mystery Lights- grew on me grew on me. You’re not allowed to get on my “good” list with such lame lyrics, and noncommittal stage presence, but somehow they did. I can’t tell if they take themselves seriously. If so, they’re all about Illuminati and secret religions and symbolism and stuff; more likely, they like the words “illuminati” and “secret religion” and figured it’s a good shtick for their band. But they’re a little catchy! You might like it.

Look, let’s pick this post up later. It’s getting Too Long.

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