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Can we please stop talking about Apple? Just for a week, what if the sci/tech news stopped reporting about the latest iphone thing? I have read so much about the whole “if you touch the phone corner with your finger it gets slightly less reception” issue. I would like no more of it. I don’t care if it’s a big flaw or it was actually a software flaw or whatever, or if they respond by handing out free cases, or if apple is a great company or a bad company or whatever!

This might sound like partisan sniping so I’ll trade: no Apple news, no Google news. (and please please no Facebook news.) With all that out of the way, maybe newsmen would have to go look for actual innovation that’s going on in the world beyond Mountain View and Cupertino. (I promise, it’s really happening!)

Footnote: ironically, the same geeks who eat this stuff up all day probably mock people who read People. The iPhone is our Tiger Woods.

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