I wish dreams would become the new zombies

Or cupcakes or something, the new thing that people talk about I guess.  I could certainly get on board with a dream craze.  Y’know, Inception is popular and stuff, right?

I’ve started writing down my dreams again, spurred on both by the movie and by a dream I had right after the movie, you could call it a half-lucid dream.  It didn’t feel like other lucid dreams I’ve had, but I knew I was dreaming.  (dream story, probably only interesting to me, skippable to you:) We were at a party, the room was dark, I knew about half the people there.  Then I said, “Wait a minute, sorry, you’ll have to excuse me, I’m dreaming.  Maybe this is in the future for me, but I’m not here yet.”  But I realized, what a cool situation I’m in; I’m somewhere that I’m not supposed to be yet!  I’m in my own future!  Or at least a dream.  At any rate, it’s cool.  So I went grabbing for details.  I turned to the girl to my right and said “What’s your name?” She answered “Patrissa Yorag.”  (I love my subconscious.)  “Spell it.”  “Y-o-l-e-g.”  (of course.)  “And where are we?” “Eugene, Oregon.”  “Okay, great, thanks.  This is going to dissolve pretty fast.”  And then it did, and I woke up.

But I remembered that!  What fun.  Hopefully writing down my dreams will give me more bizarre awesome things like this.

(incidentally, I loved Inception.  But then, they had me at “the Memento guy made a movie about dreams.”  Also, Patrissa Yoleg doesn’t exist, at least not on the internet.  It only occurred to me now, days later, that she might still exist in real life.  Not likely though.)

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