I'm going to create a false dichotomy

Point: I’m not focused enough!

Counterpoint: I’m too focused!

Okay, so actually I’ll just give a quick “right on, brother!” to Paul Graham, and then actually discuss the Zen Habits post.  Does anyone actually use goals a lot?  It’s the Agile (/extreme/scrum/whatever) software dream: everything you do is like a 1-day goal, arranged from most to least important, and you just check stuff off the list in perfect order.  I can pretend to work like that.  But who actually works like that?  I feel like, more often, I have a vague idea of what I’m trying to do, and I’m sorta feeling my way through the woods as I go.  If I knew what I had to do in one-day chunks, I’d have done it!  (It’s similar to my beef with test-driven development: if I understood my code well enough to have structured it into tidy little classes that are easy to test, the code would already be written and tested.  Chicken and egg.)

It feels rather validating when someone I read, even just some knucklehead with a blog (not that I’m implying Zen Habits is written by some knucklehead), goes ahead and says something that’s been in the back of my mind for a while.

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