I'm starting three new blogs.

Changes are afoot! It’s a good day for blogs.

First, research. I’m just starting the journey back into academia right now. (y’know, probably.) It’ll be a long process. But I’d like to make a blog where I can talk about new ideas and ways to, in the words of The Streets, push things forward.

Here’s my research blog: Tales ‘n’ Ideas (RSS)

Second, programming. The same way an architect might care about drawing techniques or something (and I promise I will abuse the heck out of this analogy), I care about what I do, and the tools I use to do it. This may be the most helpful; it’ll be where I post little tips I learn after hours of pain, to hopefully save fellow programmers the same.

Here’s my programming blog: I Lessen Data (RSS)

Third, travel. Travel! Have I mentioned I like to do this? And will be doing so a lot?

The travel blog: I, Ten Seas Lad (RSS)

Fourth, this blog will continue. And who knows, maybe I’ll merge everything back into The Snail Shell at some point in the future.


This came about because this blog is semi-private, meaning I don’t particularly care about the whole internet reading it. I don’t mind if they do, but they probably won’t find it very interesting. And sometimes I’d like a more public channel to talk about a couple things.

If you don’t use Google Reader or another RSS reader, I highly recommend it. Then you can just follow any of my four blogs that you’d like, forget about them, and only get reminded when I post. How it works: you get a Google account, go to Reader, then you subscribe to blogs by copying their RSS link into the “add a subscription” bit of Google Reader. After that, it’ll be pretty intuitive: you can just check Google Reader and you’ll get a feed of data from all your RSS sources. (you can also subscribe to twitters or some facebook stuff, if you’re into that.) Ask me if you have any questions.

Other blog ideas I tried and rejected:

My haiku blog: A Jade Firefly Tenses

My experimental cooking blog: Salted Anise

My Google/heavy metal blog: Jeff Dean/Slayer Site

An entire Star Trek episode: Data flees Jersey. Fin!

Bonus points: what’s my middle name?


Sarah -

I’m going to take a wild guess and say eli?

Dan -

Ooh close. But really, I’ve been counting my first name as “Daniel.”

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