The blog post I wish I'd written about the valedictory speech I wish I'd given

is here.

I mean, not really.  The speech is a little (a lot) excessive, and I didn’t hate school hardcore.  I didn’t hate it at all.  I do think it needs a big reform though.  The whole structure, with points and exams and stuff.  And the tough part is, by the time people like me get around to thinking that things could be different, we’re out of school and don’t want anything else to do with it.

Also, does anyone share my enjoyment of the whole comics-mashing-up-comics thing that started with Garfield Minus Garfield?  It’s gotten super geeked out at Square Root of Minus Garfield, but today’s comic made me laugh.  (for the record, Lasagna Cat may be the best Garfield riff.)

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