I don't think I can title this post better than:

The secret lovey-dovey world of web browsers.

Having worked on Chrome, I can say this is pretty much true.  There’s a little bit of “oh man, Microsoft is making kinda fakey demos to make IE9 look faster than it is!” chatter, but it’s mostly a really healthy competition.  I never got the sense that Chromers were bitter enemies with anyone.  The whole “if IE9 is awesome, that’s great; we’re just trying to make the web better” line is really pretty true.  Even idealistic ol' me was surprised: I thought at first that everyone was being politic, but I think it’s what people really think.

And this writer goes on to mock Glen (yes, this Glen) and the rest of the “hippy-dippy love-in.”  Really, if more business competitions were like the browser “war”, I’d consider the business world (not to mention the internet) a much more palatable place.

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