I cannot get started today

It’s cold.  So although this won’t solve anything, I’ll spend even more time in front of this computer, toss out a few thoughts and see what happens:

1. Hipsters.
Point: Aww man they’re terrible, they hate on everything.
Counterpoint: “There are two things that make the hipster subculture unique. One: They’re better than their predecessors. Two: Everyone says they’re worse.
Conclusion we can all agree with: “hipster” as a fashion movement/subculture is fine, it brought us some sweet indie rock, even if their jeans and bikes are silly.  Maybe they’re even better than previous scenes like punks, hippies, greasers, etc.  “Hipsters” who just hate everything are the problem, but really, everyone who just hates everything is the problem.
The interesting point I like to draw from this: “We like to pretend things are getting worse and our entire civilization is on the verge of collapse, but the opposite is true.”

2. “Finding your passion”.
Point: In deciding what work you’re going to do, you’ve gotta, you know, try things until you find your true passion, then you’ll be happy and successful and “never work a day in your life.”
Counterpoint: The last 40 years, in which we’ve gotten less satisfied and happy, have proven: That is such nonsense.
Personal note: I generally think Study Hacks is always right, but I am currently in the process of “finding my passion.” D’oh!
Conclusion we can all agree with: it depends from person to person, nobody really knows, but being lazy and just hoping your “passion” will fall out of the sky into your lap is not going to work.
Personal reason I’m not worried: You could call what I’m doing “finding my passion”, or you could say I’m building an obsession which I’m excited about pursuing relentlessly.  Or, y’know, that I’m doing what I want to do.

3. Hunting and meat-eating.
Point: If you’re going to eat meat, you should kill and eat an animal yourself, to connect yourself to the food chain.  Otherwise you’re using some messed-up logic and are a bad meat eater.  Or something?
Counterpoint: Why?  I like to walk on paved roads, too, but I’m not going to spend a day as a street paver.  Not because I’m uncomfortable with the process that goes into road paving, but because it wouldn’t be fun.  Or even, I like having a computer.  I’m uncomfortable with sweatshops that make it happen, and I’d buy a sweatshop-free computer if I could (at least, I’d like to think that I would), but you can’t do everything right.
Counter-counterpoint: I mean, I’m all in favor of eating less meat.
Counter-counter-counterpoint: but this argument seems like a macho manly way to argue that “I am a good meat eater, and you are a bad meat eater.”
Conclusion we can all agree with: eat meat if you want, try to eat less meat, but I’m not going to fight you about it; buy the most sustainable humane meat you can, kill an animal respectfully if you want, value all life, and don’t stress minutiae.

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