Interesting thoughts on the way to work:

So dreams are weird, right, you remember some of them and you don’t remember others.  Sometimes you even remember them when you just wake up, but don’t remember them even 5 minutes later.  And if you don’t remember it, it’s almost like it didn’t happen.

What if real life was like that: stuff happened every day that you just never remembered?  What if you met Will Smith and the Men in Black every single day and they just used the flashy blinky thing on you afterwards?  What if there were 25 hours in the day, and at 12 Noon every day you had a sudden impulse to, I dunno, go to the nearest pinball arcade and play pinball for an hour until 13:00, after which you would return to work or whatever and eat a magic cookie that would wipe the last hour from your memory?

Interesting corollary: I remember reading about a drug that some women (used to?) take during childbirth, which doesn’t kill the pain, but makes them not remember it at all.  So you don’t remember being in horrendous pain, but then you have a baby.  It’s like the pain never happened.

If you don’t remember something at all, did it happen?  I mean, yeah, but effectively no.  What does it even mean for something to have happened?  Those dreams that you don’t remember from last night: did they happen?  Are they even worth discussing?  Another interesting point: I wonder how much your dreams-that-you-don’t-remember affect your next day.

All interesting things, or perhaps psychobabble, I can’t tell, and I don’t want to spend time to make it clearer, because I’m at work.  I’ll ponder these things during my 13:00 pinball break.

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