Dairy is magic

I had some leftover heavy whipping cream.  So I made heavy whipped cream.  Super magic!  For 10 minutes you’re stirring a bowl of milk; in the 11th minute all of a sudden you’ve got bland marshmallowy fluff! Stir in some sugar and a little vanilla and it’s delicious marshmallowy fluff!

I feel like it’s the same as when you whip egg whites.  What the F, egg whites?  You’re all liquidy and clear and gooey, and then you’re a MERINGUE.  Wow.

No other food group is quite so goofy.  You boil carrots and mash them together, you get mashed carrots.  You stir up some oatmeal, you get stirred oatmeal.  If you stir it longer, then you have really stirred oatmeal.  Maybe you mash up some meat; then you have mashmeat.

Anyway, it was pretty delightful.  Perhaps I also made a delicious elegant pie to go with it and some freshly picked seasonal local organic free-range berries.  Or perhaps I ate it with peanut butter, all with-a-spoon-like, over three consecutive days, during each of which I felt kinda awful soon after.  I’ll never tell.

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