Might as well call me Charlie, 'cause I'm Chapelin'

I heard Stars were playing in Seattle on Nov. 6.  So I just went searching around, and their next tour dates are Nov 9, 10, etc.  But what about that show?  … oh, that was last Saturday.  Bwah!

To misquote Modest Mouse, the days go fast but the years go so slow.  Time flies, kids these days, I remember you when you were this tall, oh my aching knees.  What am I doing with myself these days?

- work, y’know, like you do

- weekends I do the dumb things I gotta do, go to the farmers' market, do fun things with friends, drink some coffee read some papers (surprising myself with my studiousness even when there’s no immediate gain to be had; this is a good sign for grad school), and think about travel

- and play a lot of Dominion!  This is a card game that I blogged about in… February.  I bought it and mostly forgot it.  Then restarted playing it, and I’ve been playing it about every other day since.  Mostly with Daniel, sometimes with Will, Grubb, and Mike Yin on the internet.  It’s really good!  I don’t often get so wrapped up in a game.  Something about how it moves fast, and you get to really follow your own strategy with only minimal interference, and you get occasional blasts of winning big!  (I like winning all at once, not a little at a time.)

It’s nice that this has come about at a time when it’s not irresponsible to play a card game all the time.

The mindfulness is on the up and up too.  Morning meditation is a daily habit.  I’m getting better at taking pauses to be mindful and at detecting emotions.  Sometimes I’ve meditated at work.  That actually turns out very well.  It’s a bit of a scattershot approach, but I’m not sure how to structure it more, so hey, doing a little of everything can’t hurt.

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