What's your phone number?

I got a call from Little Nipper’s Pizza, saying he had my pizza, and didn’t I order something?  I remembered that my Google Voice number is a 412 (Pittsburgh) number.  I said “I’m sorry, I think you have the wrong number.”
Him: What’s your phone number?
Me: (about to say 440-… but paused instead, because this is where the recognition kicked in.)
Him: I dialed 412-(something something), isn’t that your number?
Me: uh…
Him: (frustrated) Well, what’s your number??
Me: Wait- it’s 412-5-uh, 3-2- uh
Him: ah, nevermind. (hangs up)

Because, you see, I know my Pittsburgh number as being 412-5-then the first 6 letters of my name.  Har!

In other news, so in my completely entirely unbiased view, Chrome is The Best browser, but Firefox just got hella more awesome:

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