I am sick of bear and laundry jokes.

Bears: I thought it would be funny to cultivate an unreasonable fear.  I picked bears.  Not just fear of bears as in “they might eat me”, but as in “they’re plotting to take over the world.”  I figured I’d learn to act in a pretty realistic way even, which would be actually funny.  Turns out I can’t.  Whenever anyone says “bear”, my neck swivels around and I try to make a “funny” comment about how bears will eat you.  And then I try to keep the conversation going by talking about how clever bears really are.  (this only got worse after I found out Stephen Colbert had the same joke.)

Laundry: It started out actually funny, I think.  Ram, Beej, and I were talking about laundry one time, and we started talking about how it takes a long time.  And then we kept talking about how it takes a long time.  And then, whenever someone would say “laundry”, I’d go on to say how it takes a long time, and how you just don’t understand because the thing is, laundry takes a long time.  Somehow, they’ve both moved on with their lives, and I’m still pestering all my friends about laundry taking a long time.

The end result of each is that I act obnoxious.  And they’re traps: I can’t ever actually speak about either one honestly, because that’d be a break of character.  So as of right now, I’m dropping the bear joke and the laundry joke.  Life’s too short to tie myself to running gags that even I don’t find humorous anymore.


Anonymous -

What about bear tragedies?


Dan -

See, I love anonymous comments. Because boy, that is grim!

Ram -

What you don’t seem to realize is that a) it was Aaron, not Beej; b) every time laundry comes up when I’m talking to Aaron, we inevitably spend at least five to ten minutes discussing how laundy takes a long time; and c) seriously, what about this do you not get? It takes a long time.

Dan -

Really? Guess I just bugged Beej a lot about it too. At any rate, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go do laundry.

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