I'm drinking the last of the Darjeeling tea I brought back from India

… almost two years ago.  I’ve still got some Nilgiri and Assam.  I guess it’s like they say: when you run out of tea from your last trip to India, it’s time to go back to India.  (nobody says this.)

Week One of Eating Weird: feels pretty good!  I’ve eaten grains just once, when I was out for sushi with coworkers.  I feel like I’m eating a lot of meat, but I think that’s just because I used to eat not much meat.  And getting it all at the farmers' market hasn’t been a problem, it just means I have to go to the farmers' market, which is only a bus ride away.

I don’t know if I’ve felt consistently better.  The data will show that at the end of the experiment.  I do know that it feels good to think of myself as someone who only eats healthy things.  (And defining “healthy” things beforehand has helped me be sure that I only eat “healthy” things.)  I guess that’s a possible confounding factor, and if this works, I should try eating “healthy” things with a different definition of “healthy” after the experiment’s over to see if I just get some energy from thinking about myself as healthy.

Also, buying and cooking farmers' market meat is fun, not going to lie.  It’s like new levels on a video game: more to explore.  I’m not going to tackle the “will I eat meat or not” question until after the experiment.

Drinking Weird: well, on this plan, no beer.  But I didn’t want to stop drinking entirely, as that might confound my results too, so I’ve been drinking wine a bit.  Actually I kind of like it!  I had a Syrah for the first time that I remember (ok ok noob ok) and it was pretty good, and I could distinguish it from “average red wine taste”.  Also I had a Malbec, also good.  I could rather grow to like this.  But it does make me hella sleepy.

Unrelatedly, low-level evil: buried in the terms of service: “All lift ticket products are non-transferable and non-refundable. When you purchase lift tickets, you will automatically be enrolled in the Vail Resorts “Peaks” loyalty program, at no cost to you. You will receive program information by standard mail and will be offered the chance to decline.”  NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO.  The fact that this is bad, but not bad enough to make me not buy a ticket, cheeses me the hell off.  I guess what gets me is that it’s very low-level evil, but it is unquestionably evil.  So few things are unquestionably good or unquestionably evil these days!  When we find one, shouldn’t we by god do something about it?

And speaking of which, I think I’ll try single-spacing after periods. Apparently it’s Just Correct.

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