Lucid dreamt again!

Notes from this time:
- Looking at your hands or feet to stabilize the dream really worked. It felt like they came into focus, and I was able to stay lucid for a couple minutes after, instead of just waking up.
- I kept trying to convince some friends that it was a dream. They were pretty unresponsive. Then I kept asking them “so hey, we can do anything, go anywhere, what do you want to do?” and nobody came up with much. Eventually one of them said “I don’t know… Gala?” (we all understood that Gala was some magical fantasy land that you fly to. Sadly, we didn’t make it there.)
- I wonder why I kept asking them what they wanted to do, instead of just doing it myself. My goal this time was to talk to a dream-person, ask them who they were or what they represented. Somehow I didn’t get around to it.

- I wasn’t very lucid, and it didn’t last very long.

- flying worked sort of like I expected, which is to say, it worked when I was confident that it was working, and I sort of struggled or lowered when I was less confident. Somehow I decided that pedaling like a bike was the way to fly. It worked well enough; it wasn’t this euphoric effortless flying, but it was very nice. Things soon faded to black.
- After things faded to black, I was in a little bit of itunes-visualizer land for a minute. (what kind of minute?) It was nice and pretty exciting, but I was a little disappointed because I knew I was on my way back to the waking world.
- The most exciting thing, I think, is that I lucid-dreamt again, which is the second time in about as many weeks, which means it’s unlikely that the other was a fluke, and more likely that I’ll be able to do it more.

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