More lucid oh boy

- I was flying around the galaxy, until I realized I wanted to talk to some people, so I said “the great thing about all these stars and galaxies is that they’re really… a pizza!” Then I was standing on a planets-and-stars carpet in a basement. (of course by “pizza” I meant “carpet”.)
- I met a person! I got to talk to him! There were a bunch of us dancing in a circle, singing a song, until I said to one youngish fellow with a terrible bowl haircut, “Wait. Who are you? What do you represent?” I wrote down who he said he was (don’t remember now), I didn’t remember what he represented, and then I said “do you have a name?” and he said no.
- my heart started beating really hard and I woke up.

Dream people! There are dream people! They act meaningfully!


Jeff -

why do you think you felt anxiety when the boy said he had no name?
because it was unexpected- therefore out of your control?
-or something else?
and why did you equate a pizza to the carpet?
curious cat

Dan -

I didn’t feel particularly anxious right after he told he had no name- my heart just started pounding and things were black. It was a little intense, a little exciting.

I guess I was a little anxious the whole time, because it’s all a little spooky still. Especially when there are other people in my head.

As for the pizza/carpet thing, that just seemed like general dream weirdness. Waggoner talks about a scale of lucidness, from “just barely realizing you’re dreaming” to “totally in control of everything” and I think I’m on the weak end still.

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