Wow, lucid 4, in which I have a somewhat ominous and disappointing convo with Mr. Rogers

A day after lucid dream 3 (so, night before last) came lucid dream 4. A day! As with programming, rapid iteration == fun.

In this one, I realized I was lucid, and looked at my hands. They didn’t look quite right; one of my thumbs was half gone. So I thought “that’s not right”, and the thumb disappeared completely. I thought “that’s still not right,” and it reappeared fully. Nice.

Then I said, okay, I want to meet some dream people again. But this whole lucid dreaming thing is still a little freaky, so… who should I see? How about the least freaky person ever: Mr. Rogers. So I said “I’ll close my eyes, and when I open them, Mr. Rogers will be here.” No luck. Again. Still no luck. I “realized” that of course that won’t work, I should go to Mr. Rogers’s house. So I said I’d close my eyes, open them, and be at Mr. Rogers’s house. Success! I think.

I don’t know what Mr. Rogers’s house looks like. Maybe this was it. And when Mr. Rogers came to the door, he didn’t look or act just like Mr. Rogers from the show- but then, of course he’s a little different when he’s not on TV. Here’s how our conversation went:

Me: Who are you?
Him: Mr. Rogers.
Me: What do you represent?
Him: (no response)
Me: (thinking, well, here he is, might as well get some advice. but I didn’t plan any questions in the waking life. so…) Okay, what should I do about my career?
Him: (still no response)
Me: What should I be?
Him: Well, you could always be a carbonmaker.
Me: a what?
Him: a carbonmaker.
Me: huh?
Him: well, you wanted some prescient advice, there it is. (in the tone of “ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer.")
Me: okay… what about the ladies? (I think I meant “should I get married someday?” although I might have just been asking Mr. Rogers how to pick up chicks, which is hilarious.)
Him: I don’t know what to tell you, I’m single.
Me: what? I thought you were married.
Him (and this I remember is an exact quote): I have no hope for you, boy.

Afterthought: I don’t feel totally in control of lucid-me, which is why I still come up with random stuff sometimes. For the record, both lucid-me and the subconscious Mr. Rogers that I conjured up are great. Also, after this dream I felt a little dumb, like I just forced some random situation and then filled in the blanks with the way I think Mr. Rogers would act, and I asked stupid questions and got stupid answers. I think, next dream, I’ll do a bit more looking around, and play with the dream world that I get, instead of deciding which dream world I want.


Cathy Tasse -

cool dream!

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