Clearing out my Google reader

Somehow, even though I spend all my time staring at fluorescent rectangles, there’s not enough time to organize and output all my thoughts. Here are four.

First, Tim Bray posts about making money in mobile, concluding that yeah, making money selling apps is tough, but there’s a lot of other ways to make a ton of money here, and we have no idea how big this market will end up being. He links to Anil Dash’s post about running “lifestyle businesses” on the web. My thoughts: this is awesome. This is really great. It supports the idea that, should my research dreams not work out, I could potentially support myself by doing internet things for myself without going crazy.

I’ve been wanting to write this post about speaking D-list languages for years. If you speak Spanish, and you meet another Spanish speaker, great, you can communicate. But if you speak y’know Ukrainian or something, and you meet another Ukrainian speaker: instant friends! This is most of why I want to learn Dutch. Also, it applies to more than languages: if your favorite food is pizza, and someone else’s favorite food is pizza, meh. But hey, if you like herring, let me know, because then we are chums.

Tim Bray again! About input. I agree. Wish I could vomit words into a computer faster. Particularly when doing things like transcribing a dream journal. (one of my coworkers' responses to this was: 90 WPM isn’t fast enough for you? Nope.)

I follow a lot of blogs about “lifestyle design or whatever.” I find them exciting. And it’s great to think that a lot of people are sculpting their own lives in this Internet Age of Change All the Time, instead of just falling into predictable (damaging) ruts. The downside is that a lot of times this overlaps with “making money on the internet” in sort of annoying ways. (and, god forbid, “social media.") So I’m excited to hear about this change-of-mind from one of these lifestyle-design-or-whatever bloggers.

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