Recording things for the future

I’ve got a couple of projects I’m working on now. Both are mobile apps.

I think I’ll try standing desks some more. I’m intrigued. Some of my Google coworkers liked them. I came across this article. And I haven’t heard anyone say they’re bad.

Actually I got that article from this article (p1) (p2). Man! I guess I will also:
- brush my teeth before meals, or way after them
- cool down my showers to lukewarm, and work on getting down to cold (this has other benefits, including helping me be happier at hotels/guesthouses/hostels that don’t have hot water. makes me generally lower-maintenance. that is nice.)
- try to squat. hope not to fall over.
These all seem easy to implement and no-downside. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

More difficult to implement although probably helpful:
- always sleep enough (I’m working on this still) and sleep with the seasons (just infeasible)
- always stomach breathe
So I will not commit to either of these.

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