Attention and coffee (unrelated)

(although a well-researched post about the effects of coffee on attention would be really interesting. Someone go write that.)

How much is your attention worth? Furthermore, how much is your friends' attention worth?

I just heard about the Indie Games Summer Six-pack, which is $10, or $5 if you share on Facebook. So they’re proposing that a shout out on Facebook is worth $5. I’m guessing this is roughly equivalent to a tweet, so let’s talk about tweets because they’re easier to think about than the 27897489 ways you can “share” or “like” or comment or whatever on Facebook. And let’s talk about pretty benign things like indie games; we’re not talking about paying someone to tweet racial slurs or political stuff or whatever. Is a benign advertising tweet worth $5?

I mean, clearly there is a price on tweets, even for folks like me who hate this attention-frittering spam. If you paid me $1000, I would tweet your benign advertisement. Probably for $100. Probably not for $5. I don’t know where this thought goes, but it’s kind of exciting, or maybe terrible, to know that celebrity endorsements are here on a micro-scale, and we are all micro-celebrities.

Topic switch, and now I’m on to copying down bits of my life to remember later, and in particular coffee. I spend a lot of time now in coffeeshops. Mostly the Victrola on Pike. Somehow it’s better than working at home. Big and airy, full of people, and I can’t really do much besides work. (oh, and fritter away time on the internet. whoops.)

I drink pour-over coffee (it’s like a machine makes, but they pour hot water over the grounds while you wait, and the temperature and weight of grounds are precisely controlled). For the first time, I could taste the difference between different coffees. I’m developing a bit of a taste for coffee here. It’s cheaper than wine, and you can drink it by yourself. I think I like rich chocolatey South American coffee best, but African fruity winey coffees are nice too.

I pay $3 for the coffee and leave a $1 tip. And maybe I go there 3x/week. That’s about $50/month, or $600/year. But I’m getting an office, a morale boost, a caffeine boost, and an education for my taste buds.

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