I like San Francisco.

It’s a nice place to walk around. I like the Mission, both hipster-Mission (16th and Valencia) and Hispanic-Mission (24th). (is it okay to say “Hispanic”?)

There is good coffee. I was just introduced to Philz, which I would instantly recommend to anyone who thinks all coffee tastes the same. They have 15 different blends; I like the Ambrosia. Then I had perhaps the hippest coffee I’ve ever had, at Sightglass. It cost $5.25, the point-of-sale machine was an ipad, everyone around me had awesome beards and jeans, and it might have been the first time I’ve ever been the fattest dude in the room. But hey, the coffee was on par with Victrola’s, which is saying something, because they’ve got the home-field advantage. (and their coffee is really good.)

There is good ice cream. Yeah yeah, Bi-rite rocks, but man, Humphrey Slocombe is it. Peanut butter curry and Secret breakfast (bourbon and cornflakes) might be the most flavors I’ve had in one bowl.

I guess I’m lunch-tweeting. I got to thinking, y’know how reading and then reflecting helps you remember what you read better? I wonder if consciously lunch-tweeting would improve both my sense of taste and my mindfulness of what I eat.

Anyway, back to San Francisco. I’m thinking of living there, if I were to end up at Stanford. The commute would be really hard. 20 minute bike ride, hour train, 15 minute bike ride, and $6.50… each way. Maybe if I lived closer to the Caltrain station? But I was underwhelmed by SoMa and Dogpatch; they both have a cool warehousey charm but it feels like it’d be isolating to live there. (SFer? tell me if I’m wrong.) And Potrero Hill is close to the 22nd street station on a map, but it’s on a huge hill.

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