Quit Facebook and join Google+ already.

A month and a half ago, I looked at Facebook vs Google+ pros/cons. What’s changed since then?
- this chrome extension hides the red notification square.
- I’ve come around on the reshare thing; if you post a photo of yourself smoking pot on facebook you’re as good as fired anyway.
- Huddles is frustratingly tricky, because I can’t huddle you to make plans tonight, because I don’t know if you get it. I’ll still give it time to catch on.
- Instant Upload is surprisingly wonderful for sharing photos from your phone; still a little buggy though.

So updated comparison:

Google Plus:
- circles are great
- Huddle and Instant Upload could both be amazing
- you can export your data
- Google doesn’t own any rights to your photos
- it’s not Facebook

- avoids slight Picasa public->more public weirdness
- it’s not Google

… meaning I’m not going to beat around the bush with “there are ups and downs to each” stuff any longer. G+ is a lot better. So (warning: psychological trick ahead) get on that, or get left behind.

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