Another step towards eating ideal food

Long article, kind of tough to read, and he’s proposing a new understanding of how our bodies work, and if I had a nickel for every time someone “figured it all out”…

But it ties together a lot of things that don’t make sense with existing theories of how people eat, by dividing “fat” into “subcutaneous fat” (folds around your body) and “intra-abdominal fat” (beer belly). And they’re largely caused by failures of insulin or leptin or both. (either not enough, or too much resistance.) And either way, cut out bad sugars and bad fats.

This is more appealing than mainstream diet notionsĀ (i.e. low fat), which are insane, and I don’t trust corporations or the government to give me honest nutrition advice. This is also more appealing than the low-carb or paleo people, because it explains how most of the world eats mostly grains and doesn’t die.

Downsides: he’s mostly talking about obesity, while I’m looking for “how to eat best.” Also he doesn’t explain how fructose (fruit sugar) got to be “bad” for us. But it’s an interesting batch of ideas that seem mostly sensible.

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