Wait, wasn't this a blog about all sorts of Buddhism just a couple months ago?

Maybe. I am still meditating, but not as much or as effectively as I was in September or October. The biggest reason is continued travel. Something different happens every day, and I have a lot of things that I must plan, so the likelihood of a free half hour to meditate is lower, and when it happens my mind is super full.

But I’m still on “half an hour most days”, so there is hope. And while I’m not attaining any bhumis, jhanas, or other mental fireworks, I think I am noticing some subtle changes. Like my crazy day zipping around Bangalore to satisfy the whims of a few bureaucratic _babu_s, when I really noticed my anxiety and frustration and didn’t fight it all too much.

My mind is changing for the better! I could even tell a pretty good story about my life turning a corner. I feel like I’ve been cutting things out of my life, removing responsibilities, physical things, even relationships, to pare things down to a quite minimal life. Right now I don’t really have to do much ever, and I would be pretty okay if I lost everything except my backpack.

But minimalism is not enough! Cut everything out, and then what? I used to think I wanted to create something big. Then I thought, naw, you only want to create something big if you’re insecure and you want to be famous. But I think there’s a difference. You only want to be famous if you’re insecure and you want to be famous. You can dedicate yourself to creating something big, or something good, in an inspired, energizing way, rather than a sapping, fame-seeking way.

Here’s hoping I can. Simplifying and cutting things out is easy; creating and building is the hard part. Ram asked me and Nicole what 2012 would be; maybe it’s the year I start creating.

Related: creating is good, because “when you don’t create things, you become defined by your tastes rather than ability. your tastes only narrow & exclude people. so create.”
Also maybe related: in the past, I might have looked at this list and thought “geez, look at holier-than-thou here telling me all this impossible stuff to do.” Now I’m kind of inspired.

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