Which candidate do you actually agree with most?

I Side With: hopefully the only thing I’ll post about this year’s presidential election. Huh, I’m with Jill Stein. Too bad we don’t have a good voting system, or I’d vote for her.

The one thing that’s reassuring to know is that I actually agree with Barack a lot and disagree with Mitt a lot. This is reassuring if I am to talk politics ever (which I hope I don’t); it reassures me that I’m actually voting for what I believe in, and not just going along with everyone in my demographic. Anyway, this site is great and everyone should be forced to take a quiz like this before voting. (kidding, but only a little bit.)


Seth Hartland -

Turns out you and I share 96% of the same political views according to that site.

Dan Tasse 2012, anyone?

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