HCII week one: manic.

Man! I’ve been zipping this whole week! A few reasons:
- our intro project in the HCII has been an interactive projector to display a department directory. This is the kind of quick-results programming that gets me zipping.
- meeting a lot of new friends and professors. The atmosphere is great. Everyone wants everyone else to succeed. (I’ve never visited a department where people wanted each other to fail, but I’ve seen places where people just kind of do their own thing and don’t support each other so much.)
- hearing a lot of interesting research, and getting the chance to talk with lots of professors and decide what we want to work on.
- lots of stuff going on all the time!
I like this. It’s exciting.


Mombat -

Sounds great, Dan!
Looking forward to details.

Cheryl -

great to hear, dan!

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