A lot of links that've caught my eye

I can’t say it better myself: “Cities: Rather Than Patronizing Young People, Give Them What They Ask For.” The city in question is Cleveland. Cleveland, I love you, and you’re taking baby steps… but you’re also taking backwards steps, and just not taking some steps. I love the part about “… the myth that Cleveland is a great place to live — better than other places even — and that our real problem is not one of the many obvious shortcomings frequently mentioned in the national press, but a woeful and incorrect ‘image problem.'”

A few hits of Barking Up The Wrong Tree: The words you use, do what really makes you happy (it is similar to what you are an expert at!)
Recently I’ve felt like I’ve got school under control enough to start doing hobbies again. This is neat. I sometimes worry that “hobby” is a depressing word because I’ll start to get boring and quietly tend a garden until I die. But I think the word just has a bad rap; I am starting to do things I like, besides riding bikes and drinking coffee. I’ve been drawing cartoons and I’ll be a DJ at WRCT soon enough. Keep life busy and multifaceted. Never stop growing.

College Students Want Quiet Space, Can’t Find It. Argh argh yes! First, it’s hard to take a nap. Second, it’s hard to find a goddamn quiet place to work! Third, it’s hard to make phone calls. Fourth, it’s hard to find a quiet place to work when your officemate is making phone calls. Etc. Another thing we were spoiled with at Google. And when I say “spoiled at Google”, I usually mean “Google was doing it right and most other work environments are varying degrees of broken.”

Similarly: CMU and “stress culture." It’s better now than as an undergrad (I think) but still, my classmates (and sometimes I) work too much.
If someone says “I worked 60 hours last week”, the unstated response should be “you’re inefficient”, not “you’re a hard worker.” If someone says “I don’t think I can do it”, the response should be “let me help you do it.” If someone says “I’m stressed and it’s affecting my health or my happiness”, there should be at least adequate professionals, as well as peer support networks, that can help them handle that. It’s hard to get out of our Industrial-Revolution Victorian Puritan Stiff-Upper-Lip mindset, but if we want to be alive, healthy, and happy/fulfilled/flourishing in the future, we’ve got to get better at it.

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