Ireland reminds me of New Zealand

It’s beautiful and humble. I spent a couple days at a Buddhist center, thinking I’d get some sort of concentration or mental clarity; can’t say for sure that I came away with either of those, but I had a relaxing couple of days. Nice folks.

Then I spent a little over a day in Dublin. Like Wellington, NZ, it’s compact and walkable, doesn’t have a ton of huge attractions, but has a lot of great places to drink liquid drugs. (infrequent readers of this blog: I mean coffee and beer.) It feels like it’s really trying to redevelop itself as both a friendly place to visit and a new techy city. I mean this in a good way; to my eyes, as a humble visitor, it’s working.

A real live panopticon!

Howth cliffs, nearby.

More photos here!


Mr. T. -

The prisoners had already escaped in the panopticon. Not sure if you noticed. Like the sheep. Ireland is pretty cool–did you try hurling after your liquid, er, drinks?
Finally, I have been denied access to your additional photos. I should like to speak to the manager.

Dan -

Whoop. Photos link fixed. (here: )

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