Small town and big city England

I’ve been in Oxford with my friends Daniel and Killian for the past week. It’s been pretty low key. Yesterday, for example, I read a book in a coffeeshop and then we went to a pub for dinner. Earlier, I took a final exam for one of my classes on my laptop sitting in Radcliffe Camera. If you’re looking for great adventures, perhaps you should look up past Dan. (or future Dan.) Present Dan is happy to take a bit of relaxation time with good friends.

We’ve had some small adventures. Oxford punting:

London bridging:

(Can I just point out that I’m still jealous of Londoners for getting to live in London? We got to hang out in Hoxton/Shoreditch a little bit, which was relatively rad, and hit up all the bookstores/comic shops/spots I’ve enjoyed before, which was also rad; a taste of cool neighborhoods that we immediately have to turn around and leave! Argh! I’d move there for the bikes/coffee/bikes and coffee culture alone.)

Pointing at potholes:

Hanging out in shady places:

Next week I’m staying at this retreat center in Ireland. I’ll be out of contact Saturday night until Wednesday. (as if I need to head to rural Ireland to go a few days without internet!)


Mr. T. -

Be careful if you eat at the Opium Den; you might end up on a whaling ship.

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