Went to Paris.

I was there for the past week. Mostly for a conference (CHI 2013, which I will likely post about soon on my research blog), but also some sightseeing. Here are some thoughts.

Everything is six stories tall.

View from our AirBnB

This is nice. It gives you the density of a world capital, without imposing skyscraper districts where everything is lobbies.

The bakeries are generally all they’re cracked up to be. I’m not sure on the over/under of what percent of food I ate was pastries. 50%?

I hadn’t scoffed at this thing yet. Good thing I got a chance.

Found some good coffee. Coutume is a favorite. Black Market’s also solid.

Exactly what it sounds like

Uh, it actually is a good place to go with an SO? Things are generally rather pretty, the restaurants we went to had good atmospheres, dudes played accordions in the subways, etc. We saw people making out in public more than in most places.

Okay, I’m in Oxford, England now, will be there a week, and then go somewhere else.


Mr. T. -

Aha. L’├ętranger ind├ęsirable. At last, he is found.

Mrs. T -

You might be l’etranger than Dan!

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