Makin' T-shirts

… is surprisingly easy.
1. print your design.
2. tape it to a non-corrugated cardboard. Tape a sheet of acetate (or “Dura-lar” - another plastic sheet thing) on top of it. Cut it out with an exacto knife.
3. tape the plastic sheet to a shirt. Paint on it with fabric paint.

Things to watch for:
- you might need some sticky-tack to stick the plastic to the shirt so it doesn’t lift up.
- dab with the paintbrush, don’t brush. Spongey brushes work pretty well.
- make sure your design works as a stencil. You might have to add some “bridges”. Also, try to stay away from anything super-intricate
- if you cut some letters freehand, they’ll look super jagged and sort of violent. This may or may not be what you’re going for.

Without further ado, shirts 1 and 2:


(there is no punchline to this one.)

(this one is only punchline.)


Unknown -

I love that first shirt.

Anonymous -

But it’s John lennon

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