I love fall. It is when things start.

Which is weird, right? For most of civilized history, spring is when things start, and fall is when things end. But for most of my life, and really most other students, everything starts in the fall. Pittsburgh is wonderful in the fall - and summer too, but definitely fall.

I’m writing a paper. I’m not sure it’s fully nonsense. I’m teaching a class, and I’m not sure that I’m fully incompetent at it. (I’m not sure in the other direction in either case.) Summer was a trip.

The next year should bring a bunch of things. Might be a good one. My friend Ram once declared a year the “year of Ram”, and I’m feeling sort of guardedly optimistic about this being the “year of Dan”. Or, I mean, maybe not THE year, but a lot of planets and zodiac things must be lining up. I’m feeling mostly pretty good about it all. Occasionally even feeling creative again, which is kind of neat.

Still got too much work to do, still tired, still wishing I were a couple steps closer to understanding the oneness of all things, still terrible at my job, whatever, but maybe I’ve got a chance, which is sort of a step in the right direction.

Plus, season’s turned. Time for some new (or old) music recs.

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