Been getting a little grumpy on the internet

Grumpy in general, I guess, due in part to the internet.

You know how Fox News and CNN are our parents' generation’s hate machine? They show bad news 24/7 and get you mad at who you should be mad at. I think Facebook and Twitter are that for our generation. Yeah, there’s the occasional conversation, but when you look at people talking about things in the world, a lot of it is echo chamber or “someone did something bad once.”

Maybe it’s a result of quality of attention. You’re not going to pay good attention to Facebook; you’re going to give it half-focused strung-out attention. Maybe I need to be doing less of that in general. (see, for example, the fact that I never blog anymore; feels like I have fewer deep thoughts.)

Oh, and Merry Christmas, y’all.


Adam Jaffe -

For whatever it’s worth, I still read your musings fairly regularly. Keep on bloggin'.

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