Pebble Scrabble Watch Faces

Three Letter Words

Two Letter Words

These were what I really wanted to do when I made Pokemon Watch. (I mean, besides have cute pokemons on my wrist.) Now I have words on my wrist, flashing by one a minute, so I can eventually pull out something sweet like “dap” or “uts” and dazzle all my opponents. Or, compete competently with Real Scrabble People.

Pain points:
- finding the damn list of 3 letter words.
- editing the dictionary so it’s small and concise, so definitions (mostly) fit.
- dealing with only having 24kb of memory. I mean, I can’t even load the whole dictionary into memory! I have to break it up into 4 separate chunks! This took me hours! Because:
- C is Hard. what do you mean, “split on whitespace” isn’t implemented? really?! where did that segfault happen? do I have to get out my log statements again? and to top it all off,
- debugging is slow. Like 1-2 minutes edit-test-debug. Sometimes longer if my phone and watch and internet weren’t cooperating. and we’re ETDing dozens of times because all I know is “something broke.” UGH BLAH.

Oh yeah, code’s on Github. (three letters) (two letters)

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