Someone Did Something Bad Somewhere: Stop It.

We need a word for this. Articles where it’s not a wider issue, but just one person doing one bad thing, and everyone freaks the hell out because it’s easy or socially appropriate to. See: that guy who shot Cecil the lion, that pizzeria in Indiana somewhere who said they wouldn’t serve a gay wedding, #HasJustineLandedYet.

Used to be, these headlines were just annoying noise on a slow news day, but now these cases end up with people’s lives… drastically changed, if not totally ruined. For doing a crummy thing (or sometimes even just misunderstood; Justine Sacco’s tweet about AIDS was just a joke misinterpreted by people she never intended, without context), in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“SDSBS” is the best I’ve got now. Example:

Facebook friend posts “hey this guy punched a puppy! how terrible! (link)”
Response: “SDSBS, move along.”
OP: “oh yeah, sorry.”

I don’t know. It’s a clunky term, but it’d be nice to have some shorthand for “stop sharing this.”

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