Things we Snake People have learned wrong

by “snake people” I mean “millennials”

This is not an exhaustive list.

1. “Finding a good relationship is a search problem.”
It’s not. I was reading this article, and while there are some good points in there, it’s based on at least a partial misunderstanding of relationships. Finding a life partner is maybe like half a search problem. And then half a building problem: you found someone in the top N percent, who’s good enough, and open to growth, and you together build a great relationship from there.

2. “Finding your career is a search problem.”
Again, maybe like half a search problem. I might not ever be happy in a bunch of jobs. But there are a ton of jobs that I’d be at least good enough in, and the thing to do is just start building. Starting a new job usually sucks for a few months, and starting a new career sucks for a few years. You’re at the bottom of the totem pole, you can’t make any decisions that matter, and that’s fine because you don’t know how to make good decisions!

3. “You can do anything.”
I feel like, if you tell 100 babies this, you’ll get 1 superstar something, and 99 people who are average but feel like failures. If you tell 100 babies “you’ll probably drive a truck or something”, then you’ll get 100 average babies who feel like successes. And maybe a superstar baby anyway! I don’t know.

4. Oh yeah the whole “follow your dreams don’t worry about the money” shtick, right, there’s that.

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