Here's some things I'm feeling

(disclaimer: not an interesting-to-read post, probably, more of a log-for-logging’s-sake.)

Weirdly bored? Like, I finish work and I don’t know what to do with myself? And then I’m reading internet things and when anything is longer than a short info snack, I get bored and flip it off? As if I have less ability to concentrate than usual, even on fun things.

Caffeine-tolerant. I’m finally feeling like I can’t really think until I drink one cup, and don’t really get going until two. That’s not awesome.

Socially tired. I want to go home and sleep more.

Negative. I realized the other day we saw the new Star Wars and came out and talked about it and I was the only one really poking holes in how great it was. (upon further reflection, Kylo Ren wasn’t really that bad, guys.)

I am not super proud of these. (I’m not really ashamed, either, it’s just like I have a cold or something, so I feel not-100%┬ámentally-emotionally-socially.) I suppose it’s a good time for a Christmas break, then!

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