election blues (npi)

After a short bit of googling it looks like my man Bernie is falling behind. I was surprised to find that this made me sad.

I’m disappointed in people on the internet being loud and smug and snippy on both sides of it. I’m disappointed with “Bernie Bros” being dumb guys. To be fair, I haven’t even seen a Bernie Bro myself, I’ve just heard secondhand stories of Bernie Bros being dumb guys. (More than I’ve seen Hillary Bros being dumb guys.) I’m disappointed with both Bernie fans and Hillary fans yelling about the other subteam as if they’re idiots.

I’m disappointed in the same way Astra Taylor is here. Disappointed in a political discussion that leaves me full of awareness-raising, bashing the usual racists and sexists, word-policing, and so on, tolerating everything except the outgroup, but not really doing anything except yelling really loud for 11 months.

I guess I don’t know what I expected? Like, I guess this is literally just politics, and presidential races are generally large shouting matches for a long time. So, you know, whatever.

In other news: UN forces caused a cholera outbreak in Haiti, but at least some delightful weirdo’s been gluing protractors all around Pittsburgh and this blog The Decolonial Atlas exists so that’s something. (Blue Tribers, eat those up)

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